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Default Tomb Raider: Templar's Secret

Hello everyone I've been a little absent lately, but there has been some progress on the Templar's Secret project and it was about time to share it with the community!

Let me know your opinions / suggestions.

The levelset will consist in 8 levels, 4 taking place in Paris and 4 on the Damned Island.

- Midnight in Paris -6 secrets- (100%)
- The Museum -4 secrets- (100%)
- Industrial Zone -5 secrets- (100%)
- Sophia's Office -no secrets- (100%)

- Forgotten Island -3 secrets- (100%)
- Templar's Cathedral -3 secrets- (previously named "Abandoned Cathedral") (100%)
- Edge Of The Abyss -3 secrets- (100%)
- The Spear Of Destiny -1 secret- (46%)


Somewhere in the pacific, lies an island erased from almost every map. In that island, obscure things happened since the Templar Knights brought a strange artifact called the Spear of Destiny. They decided to hide the artifact from mankind beneath a great cathedral, in a bove that can only be opened with certain key. That key is the Templar's Scepter, and it's being exhibited at the Louvre Museum. On top of it, a map containing the exact location of the cathedral has reached non other than Sophia's hands. So Lara has decided to break into the museum to steal the key, then take the map from Sophia's office (also in Paris) and get to the cathedral before the search team sended to the island find the way.

Previous levels:

I'll seize this opportunity to express why I named "beta release" the previous version. The 4 levels had been through several changes and improovements, and the player is intended to go through them again (hopefully it won't be a boring experience due to the changes they suffered), so I couln't really call it a "Part 1". And it doesn't feel right to call it a "demo". Maybe it was not the best title, but what I mean is that this is the complete and final version of the adventure and I hope that, when its finished, you'll enjoy it

Special thanks:

I won't forget to thank all of the TRF members who helped me get this done and contributed with custom objects and suggestions.

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