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Originally Posted by Hyper_Crazy View Post
I think the best love story was Squall and Rinoa.
I thought so too...I remembered it so amazing...but after replaying FFVIII (these days, I´m on disc 3, after the Ragnarok and before the Lunatic Pandora events with Raijin, Fujin and Seifer) I got to the conclusion that he is the weirdest guy ever. I remembered the Ragnarok moment between them really romantic...but he was quite cold all the time (not Alllll the time, but most of the time). I was disappointed.
Tidus and Yuna´s love is full of wishes, promises for a better life, hopes for the future, a charming song (Suteki da ne), tears, dramatic moments (ending, lake Macalania, Al Bhed site -when he understands she is to die when summoning the Final Aeon-). I love everything about their relationship and would have been the hapiest person with a FFX-3!
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