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Originally Posted by iWANEX View Post
I canít wait to see how theyíll keep evolving the reboot era. So many things they can explore and bring to the table. Hopefully things we have never seen in previous installments. I want the next game to be as fresh as possible in terms of gameplay, but following the formula they successfully established with the origin trilogy.

Itís exciting to think about what Lara will do next now that her parental drama is out of the picture and she wants to raid tombs for fun.
Same here. I don't mind if they keep Reboot Lara and move up in the timeline. They can focus on a more mature Lara that closely resembles Classic Lara. This would also be a good time to change some of the gameplay mechanics too. Bring back some more of the Classic elements like acrobatics, globetrotting, and supernatural enemies.
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