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Talking TR3 - World Map Editor


For years we couldn't edit the World map in TRIII because we didn't have any tools to do this. Some days ago I was doing some research in TR3 Engine and find the values associated with the globe.
Today I will be releasing a tool, so anyone can edit the World map (you can even disable the globe if you want).


In game:


Warning! You might get a false positive virus alert.

__________________________________________________ ___
__________________________________________________ ___

As the name says, TR3 World Map Editor is a tool that allows you to edit the World Map in Tomb Raider III.
This includes:
• Editing the level at which the globe appears when finished.
• Edit the location the globe points to.
• Edit the ID of the level that the selected location will lead to.

__________________________________________________ ___
__________________________________________________ ___

1. Load a TR3.exe file, so almost every value used by the globe will be shown.

Rotation tab:

We have some values like X Rotation, Y Rotation and Z Rotation and String ID.
X, Y and Z are the position the globe will be pointing to. And String ID is the string that will appear in the game.
In this case we have:

85 = London
86 = Nevada
87 = South Pacific Islands
88 = Antarctica
89 = Peru
You can put any string you want to.

WorldToLevel tab:
This is where a selected location in the world map will lead to.
i.e Let's say you want to select "South Pacific Islands" in World Map and go to "Lud's Gate" level instead of "Coastal Village", you can change the values regarding S. Pacific to "11".

LevelToWorld tab:
In this tab we can choose the level in which level the globe will appear after you finish it.
i.e Let's say you want the globe to appear when you finish "The River Ganges" level. Just change one of the values (India, S.Pacific, London, Nevada) to "3".

2. Edit the desired values.
3. Click "Patch" button.
4. Start TR3 and check the differences.
5. Enjoy!

Warning: Enabling Peru, can also unlock Antarctica.

Huge thanks to my friend for testing.

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