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Default The Inconsistent Graphics

One thing that I notice about this game is how inconsistent the graphics are. Curious to get some opinions on this. This is of the standard PS4 version, btw.

A lot of the time it can look great:

Most of the time, though, the game has very very bad shimmering:

Even with the shimmering, it can still look great, but it detracts badly:

Sometimes the graphics are just flat out crap in itself:

As much as I know cutscene and gameplay character models will look different, if the console has the power to produce, this, surely it has enough power to fix the above problems.

All I'm saying is, I wouldn't have minded some of the graphical features to be scaled back a bit to allow for better picture quality, almost like the X360 version, and potentially it might have been a way to fix the input lag Nixxes chose to put back in Patch 1.6 and never fix again. Thoughts?
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