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Originally Posted by aussie500 View Post
l believe the image of Boaz in her operating garb was available in a small cutscene on the PS2 version, l seem to remember seeing it. It was not in the PC version

Could you please tell us what the cutscene was like. And especially where it was in the game .
Or could somebody other who has the PS2-Version of AoD?

PS: The best would be if somebody would record it with his videocam. The quality doesn't matter .

Originally Posted by gtkilla View Post
Wow, amazing concept art! Thanks for posting these, aussie!!

Wow....I see a bunch of similarities between these guys and the three rulers from TR:A.

The first guy reminds me of Tihocan simply because of the huge robe thing.

The second guy is supposed to be Qualopec, I guess 'cause of all the fruity colors and the dark skin complexion.

The last one is obviously supposed to be Natla. The long hair, huge crown and gown are dead give aways. Oh yeah, and the fact that she's female. XD

I can't wait to see what they do with the story in TR8!
I remember reading somewhere that the AoD-Storyline was going to be connected with the TR1-Story. And I remember reading in the same article/post/whatever that Core wanted to end the TR-series after AoD (perhaps something like what they tryed to do in TR4 (but perhaps with a HAPPY end)).
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