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Arrow Sheepman Reviews Tomb Raider II

Tomb Raider II
A Comprehensive (Re-)Review!
by Sheepman23

China (Part 1)
Level 1 - The Great Wall

Level 2 - Venice
Level 3 - Bartoli's Hideout
Level 4 - The Opera House

The Rig
Level 5 - Offshore Rig
Level 6 - Diving Area

The Maria Doria
Level 7 - 40 Fathoms
Level 8 - Wreck of the Maria Doria
Level 9 - Living Quarters
Level 10 - The Deck

Level 11 - Tibetan Foothills
Level 12 - Barkhang Monastery
Level 13 - Catacombs of the Talion
Level 14 - The Ice Palace

China (Part 2)
Level 15 - Temple of Xian
Level 16 - The Floating Islands
Level 17 - The Dragon's Lair

Epilogue: Home Sweet Home

After a year-long hiatus, I have returned.

The last time that I analyzed any Tomb Raider material on this site, I literally took every level from TR1 to Underworld and ranked them from #1 to 173. Every single level from the classic games to the Crystal trilogy. All of it. After that, it would seem that there's really nowhere left for me to go, right?

Well... you're wrong.

I am taking on two different Tomb Raider projects this year. The second one I will not reveal - yet - but this first one is simply a (re)review of Tomb Raider II. It was nearly five years ago that I joined Tomb Raider Forums and did my very first review over this masterpiece of a game. However, at that time, I was a highly inexperienced analyst and really didn't have many in-depth views to spit out. I also blasted through the game and didn't leave a lot of room for others to express opinions regarding my thoughts. This will not be the case this time, as I am juggling college, a social life, and work, so don't expect me to be playing every single day.

So sit back and enjoy! Discuss, criticize, praise, do whatever you want. I love hearing what you guys think, so please don't hesitate to comment here, even if you think my opinion is blasphemy. But it's not, so you don't have to worry about that.

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