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Originally Posted by Danath View Post
I suppose it's impossible, but could the engine be modified to support as much texture count as TR3? It would be amazing... The 2048 tex id count maximum makes it ultra hard to make good texturing on levels.
On the contrary, it is quite simple. I can even implement the system when the required number of polygons / textures and anything is dynamically determined at the level loading, and the buffers of the required sizes are automatically allocated in memory. But at the moment the DLL lives in close symbiosis with EXE, and I want to be able to switch on / off any functions I have reimplemented during testing, and this should not affect DLL and EXE compatibility. Any intervention in the work of global variables will break this compatibility. But yes, in a consequence, I will make these autobuffers as an optional feature.

Remember, highest priotity is decompilation and reimplementation of the whole game so it will work EXACTLY as original game does. Features have less priority.
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