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Sure if you want Lara to be in her late 30s, around 40, with a slight French twinge. I don't think she sounds like Lara, especially for Shadow. Camilla sounded perfectly fine in Shadow as a continuation of the character she's been playing over three games.

What on earth makes you think this character is a tribute to CLara? Because she has a braid? Don't be daft, they would have researched how women dressed and wore their hair for whatever time period this is set in. I very much doubt the devs for this game had Lara in mind. I'm really bored of the "this character is more Lara than RBLara" trend. RBLara is just fine as she is. If CD or EM want her to look more like CLara with her outfits and hair they will do so. Her default outfit was already meant as a modern take on the classic outfit.
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