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Originally Posted by biscuits View Post
She sounds like an older Jonell.

And I also need to get this out of my chest, but braids aren't a Lara thing! They existed centuries before Lara even existed and will exist centuries from now! I mean seriously most of my female cousins or friends wear braids and not because "LaRA Has AN #IcONic BRaID#. It's because a braid is an extremely boring and basic hairstyle. It isn't unique and it's nothing special. Just like the ponytail.
Yeah I hate to say it as a huge fan of classic Lara, but I've also never seen the importance or "Lara-ness" of the braid. It's an extremely common hairstyle and not something she's exactly trademarked, a woman appearing with a braid is not "a TrIBuTe To cLAsSiC LaRa!!!".

The dual pistols I think there's a little more argument to say it's a Lara thing, even if she's not the first or last to use them, since she is one of the most famous examples. However the braid is... well just a braid.

It was quite fashionable in the 90s and it was easier to animate than a looser ponytail, that's why she had one. If remasters of the classics happened and for some reason she had a ponytail instead of a braid, then honestly as long as she otherwise looked like classic Lara and not Reboot Lara I wouldn't care, just like I didn't in LAU.
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