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Default Did anybody accually win one of these?

As some of you may know there exists a tomb raider 2 premiere collection box for the PC. In this big box there are verious leaflets and booklets advertising games and whatnot however, I found this particular tomb raider: the golden mask leaflet at Christmas time when I received this box:

Here is an image of the leaflet and the box it came in:

Sorry for the low quality. Because of this a shall write down below what it says:

Win a real gold mask:

The sculpture of the mask is finished in 9crt gold and with less than 15 in existence worldwide, it is a truly priceless model. (See mack for details)

Tomb raider 2 the golden mask.

So now that you've seen the leaflet and read its details, can anyone tell me if you've ever seen the real thing before or if you have one it? If so, please post detailed pictures if the true collectors item

As always, thanks for reading
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