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Originally Posted by Costel View Post
The article was written a year ago.
Lara was not changed to please anyone. She was changed cause the developers wanted to try something different.
I believe that CD, EM, SE doesn`t give that much **** about feminism as much as you do.
The changes in the world don`t revolve always around feminism, SJW and PC culture.

Btw at the end the author says this:
„Let Lara Croft stand once more as her own person, in the light, as opposed to in her father’s shadow.„

Is not that what you classic fans always wanted?

Also the article is more about movie Lara and less about game Lara.
Oh I do agree with the author in the whole father nonsense, I just thought it was funny that if they are trying to please that group of people, it doesn't seem they are or would be happy with her.
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