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Originally Posted by trXD View Post
Im sorry but:
27 days + 24 posts + Hard work = No comments + No posts + No response whatsoever from absolutley anyone

Come on guys im like freaking out over here! I have posted this in 3 other forums! I spend all my money buying the games for the blog then i rewatch all my anime for the blog, then i complete the game so i can get a better idea for the review, then i go through the game again taking screen caps with a very hard to work with software. And then i spend an incredible amount of time actually writing the review.

Sorry to sound whiney but god this was a big project for me!

Can somebody please say something if you dont mind?
Hey! No need to worry! just you focus on writing more so i can read it more I dont read blogs very often, but I think i will start with yours. I have similar taste in games as you, (im not "that" into anime, but meh) Ill continue to check the page!

(Now if only I could figure out how blogger works...)

PS: I think you should change the layout to a more colourful one, it would suit the anime theme more then
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