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Originally Posted by TRfan23 View Post
>Features: This way, speed and cdrom longevity are enhanced as the game engine doesn't need to read cd contents anymore.

Does that mean it won't affect it if we take the CD out of the drive during gameplay?
v1.6 only adds the psx tracks feature, installing them with the new and larger image so they're just there on hard disk, ready to play

about cdrom, well you know I'd been told to add that double cd check in the script to avoid legal issues and I haven't taken it away ever since of course

it's still there just like in v1.4, only as a check for cdrom presence in the drive (and it has to be just the real TR1 cd) every time the game gets started via tr1/ub shortcuts
but actually it doesn't access the drive thereafter since the mounted image is used instead (that's why you/I have the pc cdrom as usual, with no psx tracks, yet can hear psx tunes as loaded from cd image)

so yes, I guess if you want you can take the cd out once gameplay has begun
it shouldn't break the running app (namely dosbox loading image and running tr1/ub) because after the cd check is through it doesn't bother/need it anymore, hence the longevity and performance boost I referred to here in post #9 and #10.
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