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Originally Posted by BlackWolftr View Post
I have a lot of memories of this game (in total as with every tomb raider). I've always been lost in it, even with the walkthrough. I think Prague is better than Paris. Bosses were always a challenge for me. The most hard are boaz and red spirit. It was nice to play a different character than Lara.It is a pity that many locations have been removed. And double guns were removed. And all this through eidos. But...Happy birthday TRAOD.
I was shocked that it took me like 3-4 minutes to beat Parisian Backstreets, took as long as a Backstreet Boys song. The controls are weird but better on PS2 then on PC keyboards. I feel sorry for the Xbox fans who want the game to be on XBOX Classic. I actually love the game and owned it on PS2. It was extremely awesome, sure the game may be rushed due to the hectic well-timed makings of Cradle of Life and some such other Core games as Project Eden, Operation Phoenix & Herdy Gerdy. But at least AOD is way better than Spyro ETD
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