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Originally Posted by xtimz View Post
I just want to point out that shotgun has 6 ammo per pickup.
In total, the game has 498 shotgun normal ammo, 288 shotgun wide ammo, and 2010 Uzi ammo.
From my experience, the only use of Uzi is to kill the horseman in the Lost Library, because every single shot is equivalent for the horseman.

Edit: About the statistics,
(1) it excludes the 1 shotgun + 1 Uzi ammo in the winner route of Tomb of Semerkhet.
(2) it excludes the 1 shotgun ammo in Secret 3 of Guardian of Semerkhet, because I normally choose the Large Medipack.
I think they were wondering if the shotgun still had 2 shell pickups during development when designers were placing pickups, leading them to place more of it, before being changed to 6. Not stating that 2 shells is currently the case.

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