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Originally Posted by The Great Chi View Post
One of the problems with the limitations of the game engines for TR1 to TR4, is that the rule is
you can only allow no more than five baddies in one room including Lara Croft, or the body parts of the baddies start disappearing as Lara rotates her view of the room. So it is imperative in the game design to limit the number of baddies, so you do not end up with loads of baddies in one room, either by kill trigger or zone-ing the baddies so they are stuck to one specific area.
Thanks for explaining it

Originally Posted by The Great Chi View Post
It is not the first time, instead of killing the baddies, say due to lack of ammo, I have instead rushed through an area and the baddies stop chasing Lara after a while, as you move into a new area.
I remember a situation when I was playing Coastal Village last year. I reached the village, activated all of the villagers I could and deliberately didn't kill them. I wanted to gather them all in one place. I thought that all of them would chase me, but this wasn't true. When I entered the area with the treehouse, the enemies from the village returned to it and didn't join the ones from the treehouse area. I was surprised by this, but now I know why it works this way

Are there other places in Tomb Raider III with the "kill all trigger"?
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