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The bats in the first secret cave are becoming more than a bit tiresome. I was pretty sure I'd done it on one attempt, I did not see the health bar appearing and as there is no easy way of checking that I reloaded and just like the last ones in Rome after I'd thought I done it there the first time there was actually the thinnest bit of health missing.

The YT videos are useful - they show there are at least two techniques that work, problem is I was using them both before even seeing that they could be successful but without the same luck.

The bats are random that is the problem - you can repeat exactly what you did before, timing wise and about as pixel perfectly as a human can do. One attempt you'll get that minimal damage - the next 5% or more.

It doesn't help that they cheat too flying through solid rock ie. they use the shortest route possible to get to LC wherever she is.

BTW I came across an interesting bug I hadn't read about or seen mentioned.

At that location if you get in the correct start position on the triangular rock platform on the same level opposite and which roughly faces the bat cave try a forward jump directly towards the angled area at the bottom 'lip' of the cave entrance.

The trick is to use and hold Action throughout the jump so LC flies through the air with her arms outstretched. If the positioning is correct she'll glitch on that edge and if you then press Tumble she'll suddenly end up in the cave to the right of where she was glitching.

It is some sort of variation on the corner bug but I've not seen anything like it before. I'd bet some others here have.

I tried to use it to get by the bats unscratched but she's facing the wrong direction and if you tumble turn she gets stuck under the overhang, a side jump takes landing damage or catches the roof near the entrance and a backflip/twist jump is too slow.

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