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I replayed this level only a few days ago for my 'no scratch' run. I suffered every one of those glitches bar the last because I couldn't be bothered to save there. You receive so much unavoidable damage in this level 'no scatch' is just minimal damage and when you're poisoned it all becomes a bit pointless IMHO.

Weird thing though is that the first cyborg area actually glitched in my favour, something I've never had happen before. It was after saving and restarting - initially the room was pre-water filled and the valve missing. But I found on the next or next but one attempt the room was dry, the valve in place but the cyborg could be 'killed' and the key part collected. I left the room but the lasers in the helicopter corridor were still on.

So I then back shot the valve, filled the room with water and grappled up to the switch, operated it. That drained the water but closed the exit door. I operated the switch again and the door opened, went back and the helicopter corridor laser was gone.

Saved there before starting that and quickly did the rest without saving again even after trapping the cyborg. I'd pretty much given up on 'no scratch' by then but still managed to finish the level with about 55% HP and all secrets.

Always was my least favourite level in my least favourite old TR and this confirmed that for me again. Hated the invincible bats in the earlier levels with a passion too.
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