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Originally Posted by Gh0stBlade View Post
I think the biggest problem is (upon static analysis of Rise of the Tomb Raider Debug Version). Most of the game data serialisation (binary to class data) of the DRM sections is done based on classes. Meaning unless we know what 99% of the classes hold a custom editor is not possible to build and many other faculties such as modding is not really possible to dynamic extents (such as creating new levels).

The engine consists of thousands and thousands of classes. If you ask me, they should release the tools to programmers only who can make new tools based off the existing ones rather than releasing internal tools to the public which is never going to happen. Alternatively, they could have internal engine programmers co-operate with community programmers and assist them in developing new tools or finish existing ones.

Someone mentioned a repacker for modding the game, but I was referring to releasing the actual tools used to build the game itself. They can remove anything that they feel uncomfortable giving out, like in-house specific options. The new engine's SDK was built for user-friendly design and for possible public release (as stated by Crystal Dynamics around 2013). It's a shame that it never happened, and I doubt they'd put literally any extra time into making that happen and maintaining it post-release. Wishful thinking, though.
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