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Default Interesting Facts About Your Allies In This Game, Tomb Raider 2 And Last Revelation


We have in-game allies who assist us in Tomb Raider 2, Tomb Raider 3 and Tomb Raider Last Revelation. Monks from Barkhang Monastery, Tomb Raider 2. Prisoners from High Security Compound and Area 51, Tomb Raider 3. Soldiers from Crash Site, Tomb Raider 3. The Damned from Lud's Gate, Tomb Raider 3. Flamethrower guys from RX-Tech Mines, Tomb Raider 3. Soldiers from Menkaure's Pyramid and Khufu's Queens Pyramids, Tomb Raider Last Revelation.

There are some interesting behaviours among these allies which have been documented in this video. Shooting just one monk results in every monk turning on you. However, shooting a prisoner only results in that one prisoner turning on you, and the same is true with the Crash Site Soldiers, Giza Soldiers and the flamethrower guys. With The Damned, you only have to fire your guns and the mere sound of the gunfire results in them turning on you. They have to be within a certain range, and only those within the range will turn on you.
It's possible to shoot the monks without them turning on you, providing that you shoot them while they're running due to the presence of gunmen, and without taking more than 1/3 of their health. With the prisoners, flamethrower guys, Crash Site Soldiers and Giza Soldiers, it seems to be impossible to shoot them without them turning on you. The Damned don't go after enemies, and so I couldn't test on them.
The monks will still go after the gunmen even if they've been aggravated; they'll go after both you and the gunmen. The prisoners, flamethrower guys, Crash Site Soldiers and Giza Soldiers will strictly only go after you if they've been aggravated, and they'll ignore any enemies. The Damned again couldn't be tested on as they don't go after enemies.
It's possible for aggravated prisoners, flamethrower guys, members of The Damned and Giza Soldiers to become friendly again. TR2, TR3 and Last Revelation only have room for five active characters at once. Allies and enemies both count as characters. If there are more than five active characters, then some will become inactive. If an aggravated prisoner, flamethrower guy, member of The Damned or Giza Soldier becomes inactive due to a high number of active characters, then they will become friendly again. However, monks and Crash Site Soldiers appear to remain aggravated no matter what.

Despite being enemies, the giant scorpions in Giza help you out somewhat as they go after the giant beetles. Some of the behaviours with our allies are consistent with the giant scorpions. Having an active Giza Soldier or giant beetle will result in the giant scorpion going for them and ignoring you, unless you shoot the giant scorpion. Aggravated giant scorpions will become friendly again if they become inactive, providing that there's still a Soldier or giant beetle present. It seems to be impossible to shoot a giant scorpion without it turning on you, even if you shoot it while it's running due to the presence of Soldiers or giant beetles. If giant scorpions are focusing on Soldiers/beetles and you shoot one giant scorpion, then only the one that you shoot will ignore the Soldier/beetles and go after you. Shooting a giant scorpion will result in it ignoring the Soldiers/beetles and only going after you.
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