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Default TREP Flipmap Editor and Timer Editor User Codes

Originally Posted by Uvavoo
Two of the most powerful features of the TREP patcher are the Flipmap Editor and the Timer editor. These two editors give ENORMOUS power to include completely new gameplay to your tomb raider levels without resorting to tricks like the infamous 'rolling ball trick'.
I thought I would start a thread so users can post their custom flipeffects.
I will start the ball rolling with a very simple but effective bit of code. This enables things like a gas filled room etc.

The thread mentioned above was once a sticky thread.
We decided to 'unsticky' it and add the information to this Patches for LE thread, to keep all the info in one place.
The info within is very usefull if you are looking for custom flipeffects adn so on.

HERE you can find the original thread.
Feel free to post as many custom flipeffects you are using in it so others can get ideas for their own levels.
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