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Lightbulb A page dedicated to video tutorials?

I had this random idea come into my head after reading up on some Source SDK docs.
I think it would be a great idea to have one Youtube page (Managed by whoever is dedicated to managing it ) posting video tutorials form the community (And themselves) covering all the features of the LE!

I remember a similar idea before, but I don't think it lasted to long. That, and it was separate Youtube channels.
Many people often post comments on TRLE Youtube videos asking "How do I add water?" (Don't laugh )
With these video tutorials, we can ease their pain of reading through the whole manual, or just add an easier visual aid for those who find reading the manual for all of their information cumbersome. This won't be a substitute to the manual, but more of an addition to it...or something.

Who agrees with this idea?

2.Professional Style
3.Voices explaining would be highly recommended, but not required.
4.No music blaring throughout the whole tutorial. (Please D: )
5.Must be an accurate tutorial thoroughly explaining the aspect.
6.No duplicates unless a tutorial was deemed of low quality. (Not just video quality)
7.Videos must be 480p or higher. HD recommended for better viewing.
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