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Arrow TR5 HD Upscale x4

After seeing and being inspired by the wonderful work of GiovanniLucca's TR3 HD remaster project, and Peixoto's wonderful tool, I've decided to try tex mods out myself. Starting with TR5, I wanted a simple yet effective approach for my first tex mod of TR; all textures from TRC are upscaled from their original texture tile size (256x256) to (2048x2048) using waifu2x algorithm.

2020 update:
Update to TR5 upscale x2, how refreshed using the A.I. ESRGAN Super-Resolution. This first version is upscale x2 (2k textures). Later (if remain in clear) I will do x4 version for TR5 (4k textures) as well as refreshed TR2 x4 and TR3 x4. Currently no download link due to recent takedowns by Lumen.


Instructions to install is similar to GiovanniLucca's tut found here.

Installation step-by-step:

1. If you have not already, download the Peixoto Patch.
2. Unzip the file to a folder of your choice.
3. Download the upscaled textures from the link above.
4. Unzip the textures to a folder of your choice. It does not have to be in the same patch or game location.
5. Start the application Help.exe of the Patch folder.
6. In the list on the left side, look for Tomb Raider 5.
7. On the right side, you have all the instructions on how the patch works. Click Texture Swapping. Now in Configure and in Path click on "..." and choose where you unzipped the upscaled textures folder. The destination location should point to folders Dumps and Replacements of the unzipped file.
8. Scroll down until you reach Settings.
9. Turn on Allow Dynamic Super Resolution. This option will make the game run at the maximum resolution of your monitor, with the correct aspect ratio and FOV.
10. Turn on Anisotropic Filtering. To improve the rendering of textures.
11. Now on the left side, click Start and indicate the installation path of your game, in the game folder click PCtomb5.exe.

When you want to play the game with upscaled textures, start from the Help.exe application, choose Tomb Raider 5 from the list and click Start.


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