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Originally Posted by Dustie View Post
I like Chronicles and it's a shame it suffers from some really low-resolution textures. I downloaded your package and it seems the textures really are just resized with a filter and they don't look too good when looking and them raw, but it seems from your screenshots they should look fine in the game. I will try these later, but in a standard resolution.
Algorithm, no filter.
But there is an option to add a filter one them, I selected none as with that filter applied it'll look either washed out or cartoony.

Originally Posted by Ruu11 View Post
Finally a mod that doesn't ruin the original look. Nice work!
(I should try it now that I just started re-playing Chronicles yesterday )
I was thinking of doing TR2 next, if anyone fancy the iOS textures mod at all. I'd use that as a base, and upscale the untouched textures.
I may do 4096x4096 on that one.

Originally Posted by VictorXD View Post
It does look nice, looks a bit better than the original game.
Good to know, I feared having the filter would make it possible look better, but with the filter it really erasing the fine detail in those original texs.

If I do TR2, I'll do less denoise.

Originally Posted by LoreRaider View Post
Lovely work, indeed, but some textures looks too much cartoony imo
Some textures should be just re-made instead of just upscaling
Again, exactly what I feared (but with the filter applied). Hopefully with these textures already upscaled to 2046x2046 it'll influence some others to do a full remaster like TR3's getting. They can use this a base for new textures.


Fire sprites emitting little particles sparks now...
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