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Default Classic Tomb Raider free camera?

I saw a video by CroftManor on YouTube and the creator showed a few clips of ingame, but it seems like they are using a free camera mod. I am looking to do this for Tomb Raider II and III.

However, I can't find anything on Google, except for this topic where TheGreatChi posted that making Lara textures invisible does the trick using PixStr. However, I have no knowledge of modding TR at all, so if anyone can help me that would be great. It would work neatly with the flight patch

Exporting the level to OBJ format with Fexinspect works quite nicely, but it only export rooms (without items, objects and lighting). I do not have an older version than 3ds Max 2019, so MQO export is sadly out of question (only works for Max 2016 or older IIRC) so I am looking for a different way to get images of the levels. I also considered using OpenLara free camera, but I want original lighting and textures.
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