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No deleted scenes to be viewed but from what I have sourced to be filmed and not included where:

Interior Manor scenes with Lara (Wilton House Instagram)
Extended scenes with Sophie at the gym (official stills)
Scenes with Sophie, her daughter and Lara (TV spot)
More scenes of young Lara with a toy bow (Game informer set report)
A beach altercation with an island merc (official still and B Roll footage)

Alternative scenes featuring Lara and her motorcycle instead of the white car at the end. (BTS footage)

Lara has an extended fight on the ladder above the chasm of souls with Mathias. (Art book)

Also on one of the stunt actresses Instagram we scene them rehearsing a fight using dual axes weeks before filming. My guess this was the scene were Lara fights with the ax only it was more brutal in rehearsal and prolonged with an extra ax.


For the longest time they'd had someone in the cast list as being Himiko's hand maiden, this was backed by the actresses page on the talent site Mandy if I recall correctly.

It could be possible they'd filmed a small flashback scene inside the Tomb which makes sense considering we are told that Himiko was buried with her hand maidens.

It also makes sense why the intro would get used twice in the film instead of showing us two alternating scenes. My guess is that it was probably filmed and ditched last minute because the footage wasn't good enough or it slowed the pace.

Also if I recall correctly there was supposed to be a female merc in the cast and she was posting on Instagram for a while during the shoot.
Does anybody really read these?!

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