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Well Ladies and Gents... Cassandra finally makes her Entrance:

She is a DLC Downloadable character but she comes free if you already have your season 1 Soul Calibur 6 pass active. Just got her yesterday and me and my Niece have been putting her through her paces.

She is a VERY strong close in fighter. Unlike the heavy hitting Astraroth, she is very fast and Nimble, all the while having hard hitting moves. She can also throw her Shield for Medium range Damage as well.

My Niece has figured out that she is perfect counter to Nightmare if she can get Cassandra close enough . So she has been putting me on my toes Lol!

It has also been announced that Soul Calibur 6 will be getting a Season 2 DLC. No word yet as to when that will release:

I am sorry for not offending you. Please be patient. I'll get to you shortly.
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