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Default Why? (About movies from videogames)

The first Tomb Raider appeared in 2001: Angelina Jolie. All was I thought was she's going with an extremly long adventure and the screen is going to be just exactly like Tomb Raider games. But why they never make video games just like exactly storyline as in movies? Why they change the story of Lara's father's death, home, second mom and eveyrthing else? Why??? Does Hollywood has its speicifc rule of movies? But Harry Potter is hollywood
Is it really so hard for producers to take the Exact storyline from video games and make it a movie? Just like harry potter. But Tomb Raider,Resident evil, Silent hill,Assassin Creed and others never mention ANYTHING that has to do with video games or they mention a little. Why not copying the video game storyline to movie? WHY EVEYTIME they change everything including Lara herself?
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