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Originally Posted by PinkyPromise View Post
I never understood why they changed Lara's origin in 2001.

Lara being disinherited by her aristocratic parents because she wants to pursue her dreams. That's perfect. This makes someone rich more friendly to the audience. Instead, they made Lara the daughter of Indiana Jones and it was all more predictable and less interesting.
Because to get AJ signed on to the film, Simon West changed the script to accommodate her and her ideas to include her real Dad in the movie... VERY ANNOYING!!!! Not to mention them selling Lara to be the "Female James Bond" when she should have been the "Female, English, Indiana Jones".

The problem back then was that Lara actually had very little back-story and this left a lot of gaps to fill to transform her into a relevant, relatable movie character that Angelina could play. Back then, Lara was a visual icon on covers of magazines and Lucozade commercials, but not much was really known about her character other than she "kicked ass" while looking "sexy".

Then CD swooped in with the reboot hoping to add their own spin which (for me at least) was very lack-lustre and hasn't worked. They've Americanised the franchise and Lara is now a pathetic shadow of her former self, a caricature of what Americans believe it's like to be upper-class British...
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