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Originally Posted by Purcell91 View Post
I agree with you the controls in this game massively set it back for me. I loved legend and anniversary so i had high hopes when it released but my god was it clunky...i think CD got caught up between ps2/ps3 versions and ultimately made a glitchy/unfinished game.

It's unfortunate as it had potential with some of the levels being gems such as coastal thailand and mexico but anyone can forgive or permiss some average levels or half assed story but i don't think i can forgive it for the wonky controls or bugs...Anyone on the PC version to confirm if it was as glitchy as the console one?
Yeah, I love this game but it really needed polishing. On PC the camera sometimes gives terrible uncontrollable angles, Lara can get stuck on objects and be unable to move, and some of the jumps in the later levels are buggy.

This is my favorite game, but itís solely because of the first 4 levels. All of the levels after Mexico were so meh, and getting Thorís Hammer didnít help either. I wish there were more puzzles involving the hammer, maybe one more level. Valhalla sucked big time.
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