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Default Galleries Under siege, Mercenaries after getting the Respirator.

Does anyone know what exactly the spawning criteria for them is? they're listed on Stella's site but sometimes when I play they don't actually spawn, I'm talking about the two guys that spawn on your way back after grabbing the respirator.

They tend to spawn when I skip directly to the level but I've had them not spawn a good few times when playing through AOD normally.

Is it maybe related to just using the Dart SS to knock out the mercenaries? (Since they're technically not dead and get up around 5 seconds later.)

I know the merc that ambushes you if you try to backtrack towards the sewers (which you can't as the door is locked.) only spawns if the first merc with his back towards you is already dead and if you walk over his trigger with the merc only knocked out with the Dart gun he'll never spawn.

I'll check when I get home from work if maybe it's tied to not killing the guard in the Respirators section of the level til' after you've already picked up the Respirator. (which I've done a few times.)
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