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Hey guys! I found things to be appreciated about this game but that list is shorter than the issues it presented. I was replaying Legend again but thinking of playing underworld just felt a chore. So here are a few things I wasnt happy about.
  • Plot: this thing really was not planned for. As in, they did not consider what events would take place after Legend, when creating that one. The discrepancy between this and Legend is especially strange, since Lindstrom worked on both.
  • Underworld: it was rather underwhelming that underworld is just a blue cesspool. Also wasn't it a thing that people end up there after they die? Both Alister and Rutland died saying "See you in Avalon"?
  • Alister dying: It failed to operate as a dramatic plot point of any sort. Like I do get the idea that Amanda was tying to get even with Lara, hence why the same death scene was reenacted as with Rutland, but I am not sure why it was emphasized on several occasions that Lara is not too bothered by it. Like in the final scene in BTA where Zip says the Doppelganger killed him and it hardly registers while Lara is staring at that relic.
  • The Doppelganger nonsense: Just who came up with this. Like they had this short timeline and they are like "we better shoehorn this one in". It does not make too much sense in the narrative. Like the only event where it matters in the main game is that she uses the retina scanner, but really, it might as well could have been a different character. And what does it even mean to have an evil/bad/dark Lara. Lara does not seem to be inhibited by slave morality that this character represents the opposite to. And where does the Doppelgtanger's consciousness begins and ends? Even when possessed she has autonomous thoughts and journal entries and plans strattegically, but also blindly follows instructions? When shooting Alister, it seemed like she just took it upon herself to give him the glock, as opposed to doing the mission as a machine. Also was she created with those clothes or did Amanda and Natla decided that better put Magic Lara in tight pants.
  • Misallocated effort: Trivial things tried to one-up the previous games that do not really matter to me. Like new relic system, different art-style, mocap and new menu.
  • Natla: I am confident to say that she's one of the dumbest entity to be attributed a god status. She was just chilling in that jar all the time and she could not come up with a better plan. She also knew about the excalibur, the scion and the thor aparatus before Lara and Amanda and still managed to not win. Dammit. Also, I think the game would have needed more Amanda-Natla interactions to demonstrate their relationship.
  • DLCs: I only played the Lara's Shadow one out of curiosity, but the aesthetic and the blue thing kinda put me off, although it was nice gameplay. I am not sure about this one, but whats the deal with that machine with Natla uses? Like she just has been there before with Amanda to create the doppelthing? And also, why did they not create the doppelganger during Legend? It would have made sense you know.

Overall despite some advancements, this was an inferior experience to Legend.
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