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Finished it - yeah it still is quite bad, and I disagree with Sora, the leaked script was still better than this.

There are some things I like though: the new interpretation of the Scion sounds interesting (although I'd prefer if it was still atlantean), and I do like Lara's "no flight" reaction - it gives her some vulnerability and some reason for the flashback to exist. But only that doesn't justify the presence of such detailed flashback, and you'd guess that if she has such an adversion to flying, she would probably have one to the Himalayas as well, yet she still climbed the Everest at 24. The action scene in India also seems cool, and I love Lara's "I've been here for 5 minutes!" reaction. Also it confirms Lara was in Portugal sometime in 94, never a bad thing.

But that's where the good ends for me. The script is still obsessed in point out Lara is sexy and making her your typical femme-fatalle, when she was always one of a kind (and again, one that never needed to use her looks to get things done). The mugging scene is completely unnecessary (and again, way too focused on making Lara look sexy). Lara somehow being surprised a billionaire is interested in hiring her to retrieve some artifact is stupid. Pierre is still just a random goon. And is it me, or is the script a little racist? Like the people from the Himalayan village during the flashback being referred as "peasants" when "villagers" would suffice. Or the Indian driver sounding just like your stereotypical "dumb foreign driver who only knows basic English" (though that could have been part of the ruse)?

Yeah, I'm sorry, not really a fan at all.

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