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Thanks Patrick and Merry Christmas

The wild Christmas trees....
One of the most interesting characters were the wild Christmas trees, and they were made from leopards
(I kept their sound in the video).

I only used three meshes of the leopard to get the tree movement, the back for the main body of the tree, the jaw for the trees jaw, and a leg for the pot under the tree.

The upside down level....
It is easy enough to flip the camera with effects, but that meant the sky background, and many textures and meshes had to be flipped, so it looked as if the level was upside down. To create the illusion further, I made the wild Christmas trees appear running on the ground while Lara was on the roof. It took a lot of experimentation with the Christmas tree meshes to get them touching and running along 'the ground', which was really on the roof, he he....

TR4 stuff back engineered to TR2...
i wanted the background to be more visual than TR2 normally can attain, so back engineered a reshaped TR4 skybox too suit and used the very large textures from TR4 to make it more realistic. Also I back engineered the dancing animation from TR4 into TR2 and interestingly they worked, but the TR2 engine did have a limitation to the number of moving animations, compared to TR4, so had to be careful how many animations could be seen in the one frame, or parts of characters would start to disappear.

I then got an unexpected bonus as the killing animations of the dancing characters turned out most interesting, as the fairies froze when shot, and the dancing blow up Santa's, flew away with their legs moving when shot, he he.

Cheers Chi
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