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I didn't read the title properly, sorry - the latest public release of Arsunt's patch doesn't actually support GM, yet...

For DgVoodoo, though - all you have to do is download the archive, drop the .conf and control panel .exe files in the GM root folder (where the game .exe is), and then grab the .dll files out of the MS/x86 folders and put them in the root folders as well.

Launch the control panel, and it should automatically detect the GM folder (under "config folder/running instance", or you can select the correct folder from there, if not). These are my settings; you can ignore the Glide tab.

Generally, the most important settings for you to change are the resolution (AFAIK you'll still have to set the resolution through the setup dialog for the game itself, the first time you launch it after - you'll notice DgVoodoo has overridden the graphics adapter options, so play along ) and to disable the dgVoodoo watermark.

None of the other options do much for any of the classics, I've found, so you can leave those alone. I've set my VRAM to 1024 as the game crashes for me if I go above that, but I think that's up to your rig. Again, not a difference that I can see, but I figured the more, the better.

Then just hit apply, OK, and launch the game.

EDIT: You strictly don't even need the control panel .exe present, just the .conf file and the .dlls I mentioned. I could upload my .conf file for you to replace yours with and it should run alright without needing further setup, if you want.
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