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Default My attempt at modding TR2

Hello everyone

I've been working on a mod for TR2 for a while now, it's not over yet but now I'm happy with the results I've decided to share the progress so far

Currently it includes:

-Infinite health (up to Diving Area this time, next update should have this finished)/Notes: 1) fall damage, fire, spikes/glass and some enemies from later level have been modded and don't damage Lara, but there are still some enemies I haven't gotten around to mod yet. Sharks for example.
2) Swandives WILL kill Lara if they're high enough. I have managed to make her not die but she was stuck in the "broken neck" animation, and it softlocked the game, so I reverted the changes. Until I figure out how disable the broken neck animation this will remain unchanged. - FIXED, special thanks to rtrger for figuring it out Link updated with the fix
3) The one-shot kill T-Rex bite still kills Lara. same problem above with animations, unfortunately. until this is resolved this remains unchanged.

-No stumble after long falls

-infinite oxygen

What to expect:

-One shot kills with pistols (possibly?)
-Infinite ammo (without NG+) - (still not decided, let me know if you would like to see this)
-? if you have any ideas, I'd be happy to hear them


just put this executable in the TR2 directory and you're good to go (you can have both the unmodded executable and this one in the same folder no problem)

Should be compatible with all savegames.

If you notice any issues or Lara getting hurt from anything (within the fully modded levels), let me know and I'll fix it.

a small preview video:

Hope you enjoy

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