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Originally Posted by Zsott View Post
True, yet they have acknowledged some moments , some characters too.

I was thinking, if the comics are canon in their universe?

In the witchblade crossovers was stated, Sara is a friend of Lara.
Now, in the comics are happened in the same universe, then there's a little problem.
In those crossovers Lara dies. Like, DED. (Carvier pun intended) Also, in the last Top Cow comics is revealed, Lara not dead, in fact she's immortal.(eternal youth)
Even that, goes against Lara's beliefs, since she said herself, being immortal is boring...

Or in the comics there are separate universes?

(Gosh, I just love these comics!)
It's true that Lara dies in one of the crossovers with Witchblade (Endgame I think it was called), but this crossover is followed by a 3 issue story arc in the TR series - Chains of the Colossi - Abyss - that deals with the aftermath of this, with Lara in the Egyptian underworld, and ends with her coming back from the dead. So there's no contradiction there.
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