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Originally Posted by Legends View Post
These people apparently. I'm watching it with a friend of mine, and I promised to be good and not give him "looks" when something stupid happens. We both think it's kind of bad, but I deemed it 'unwatchable' after season 8. And then the show opens with that cart thing. Omg, I wanna shake and slap some sense into everyone. Wtf was that? And then everything else in the episode.... It's just mind-numbingly badly written. I wonder what the actors are thinking.
I beleive the bad writing is why some of the sctors are jumping ship. They made many bad decisions in this episode that doesn't make sense for them since they are supposed to be hardned survivers.

Originally Posted by dcw123 View Post
Kinda reminds me of SOTTR writing LOLZ
Lol, it does really. I once again found an article pointing out the problems with the Season 9 premier.

I have to agree especially with the glass floor part. I get it's a show and it's fiction, but too much of what happened was unbelievable. The glass floor never would have shattered like that in real life. Glass floors like that are made with special type of reinforced glass that is chemically altered to withstand a ton of weight and pressure. I remember that in China they even built a glass bridge over a mountain range or somewhere close to China. I know it's just a small detail, but that glass breaking really bothered me. It was so predictable. And as this article pointed out there was no reason for them to push that heavy cRart up the stairs. I like their suggestion of the glass floor already being cracked when they get there. Then it would seem that something significant prior had to compromise it.

I agree with them about the mud patch scene. Made no sense that seasoned survivers would just flee at the sight of a few walkers. Especially when in Alexandria they cleared an entire army of them.

Anyway here's the article: https://www-forbes-com.cdn.ampprojec...-9-premiere%2F
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