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Originally Posted by RndUser View Post
You're welcome, Suikaze Raider.

First I compared the WARNING.RAW from TR1 and TR2 and found out that they just differed by an 18 Bytes header.

So I had to recronstruct this header for the other pictures. I found some information about the header on this web page.
Thanks, you're so kind

You're right, the main problem is the CRC Checksum

Edit: I did a re-insert test and it works!

For do it:
  1. Resize the image with Photoshop or other image editor program to correct size (TR1 & TR2 Common Images: 384x256. TR1 & TR2 Warning Image: 640x256. TR3 Images: 512x256)
  2. Reverse the blue and red channels.
  3. Save it as *.bmp 16 bits with the rows order inversed.
  4. Delete the firsts 54 bytes and the last 2 bytes of this image and save it as *.raw.
  5. Pack it using the method 2: PPIBM.EXE p -m 2 *.raw

For TR2 & TR3 delete the firsts 18 bytes of packed *.raw file

Later, for re-insert them into bin+cue image, I used the program psx-mode2 version 2011-09-10 by CUE

Working in TR1 & TR2 Translations.

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