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Originally Posted by Maverin View Post
A rather small question but I didn't know where else to put this.

Did anyone else feel like harpoon ammo is hard to come by? I normally never use anything except the pistols, but the sharks at the beginning of 40 fathoms have no other way of being killed so I decided to make an exception and pull out the harpoon gun for the first time. At very close range I had to blast almost all of my ammunition just to get those 2 kills. Makes me wonder how people get any kills with it if they already used the gun on the scuba divers before.

I know that in order to get all kills, I'll have to use harpoon ammo again at Wreck of the Maria Doria. There are sharks that can't be targeted from above somewhere near the end of the level. By that time I hope to have gathered enough new ammunition though. And as far as I can recall, those sharks will be the last enemies that require the use of the harpoon gun. There are some other very annoying and tedious sea creature kills but at least it's possible to kill them eventually by getting out of a one square opening.

What are your thoughts?
Always feels like you're on the brink of running out.

If you make sure to fire at close range while firing at enemies straight ahead you won't have too much trouble but I made sure to surface and use other weapons whenever possible.

I don't even get why, The Harpoon gun apparently does the weakest damage of any weapon in the game, they do 1 damage (like the pistols) but the pistols are dual so its 2 per shot unless they're off to the side and Lara is using one gun.

This isn't like Underworld where they still do decent damage, they're literally the worst weapon in the game so I don't get the ammo scarcity.
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