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I sort of like the Harpoon Gun in TRII and used it quite a bit in the Maria Doria levels. It's not the best weapon to use if you're fighting more than one enemy or one of the frogmen. But it can be quite useful for dispatching enemies in underwater areas where you spend some time or if there is no surface nearby to shoot them from land. It's more preferable to shoot at enemies from the surface though. The ammo for the gun is quite scare though. In fact, I checked one of badassgamez's walkthrough for 40 Fathoms and there were only three pick-ups worth of Harpoon ammo (not counting the ammo you get for getting all 3 secrets.)

I found the Harpoon Gun to be worthless in TRIII though. There's only one level where the gun might be useful (Lud's Gate), and you can use the yellow submarine thing to fire Harpoon ammo instead. Other than that, there are not many underwater enemies to fight in this game.
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