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Default Classic Tomb Raider Re-Imagined Artworks


I want to show the community some of my works I have done so far; how I would re-imagine classic Tomb Raider if they were made today.

Click on the images to see them in bigger size

Lara Enjoys Tranquillity

Lara went for a ride on her motorbike and decided to enjoy a rare moment of peace

Kayaking in South Pacific

Lara Croft meets Mad Tony

Lara in Tibet

Lara making her way through the snowstorm in the Tibetan Plateau.

Inspired by the original Tomb Raider II's Tibet's loading screen

Bomber Jacket up close. Ignore the background, it was used for lighting purposes


I have completed my favourite room in Temple of Xian, China (Tomb Raider II):


Jungle, India (Tomb Raider III)

I also documented how I made the jungle scene using 3DS Max, SpeedTree and Substance, on my personal website. How I made it


Classic FMV TR2/3 Lara Croft

Currently, I am re-making the textures and building a proper rig. Some revisions that people have suggested to me will be considered too.


TR2/3 In-Game Lara in GTA San Andreas mod

Not a re-imagination, but a fun mod

Mod download:

This is not a game development or anything. This is something I do completely for fun and gives me opportunity to explore and practice stuff in 3D I use 3DS Max 2020 and 2016 (2016 is useful for some old tools, like the MQO import etc.) I use V-Ray Next to render. I also use Blender and ZBrush on occasion. Substance Painter is cool for more complex texturing. For graphics, I use Lightroom, Photoshop and Illustrator. That's all

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