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Originally Posted by Kapu View Post
Biggest level differences (completely recalling from memory, please correct or add!):
  • Croft Manor includes additional areas, one of which being a water wheel section.
  • Mexico has two challenge rooms instead of four, one ice themed and the other fire. They're quite a bit larger than the four rooms in the next gen versions.
  • Jan Mayen has an introductory sequence where you get to drive the bike outdoors
see there's so much more
the mediterranean sea portal puzzle has an entirely different main room and the keys for it are spanned differently throughout the map;
there's underwater corridors to get to the thor statue right after the kraken fight/puzzle that are absent in the next gen version;
thailand introduces the tigers as enemies in a completely different setting (one that, again, is missing in the next gen version);
there's no side room to get the gems for the statue puzzle later on;
there's a horde section where the lizard enemies literally just keep on spanning in a closed-off room??; croft manor looks more like a mine that it does an underground chapel;
mexico differs in the motorbike section to the point where it's an entirely different game

and again, i struggle to see how some of these "adjustments" were introduced to get the game to run on older hardware because the areas are not smaller nor are they emptier, they're literally just different (ex: the main temple area in thailand is much more vertical than it is in the pc/xbox360/ps3 version but it is by no means smaller and it takes you through an entirely different route.

@eitr @seth yeah i have that guide and it does mention polar bears, but to be fair i dont think that ever evolved beyond being a concept
working on AoD 2D for the culture

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