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Originally Posted by Kapu View Post

Again I'm completely speculating, but I would guess that Buzz Monkey built a lot of the environments from scratch. That would explain why the levels are structured so differently. It wasn't a matter of taking the next gen version and reducing the detail until it was PS2 compatible, but rather recreating what Crystal were in the process of making. Of course a ton of resources would have been shared between projects (pretty much all the assets save for models), but much of what Buzz Monkey created would have been original. Again, that's speculation...or educated guess.
Reminds me a bit of the development of the PS2 and Ps3/Xbox360/PC versions of Quantum of Solace. (Next gen were Activision and Eurocom for PS2.)

Long story short, due to communications issues with the license holders of Bond as well as the movie due to the movie having constant re-writes, Activision sorta had to guess at times where exactly the plot/locations were going to play out.

Then Eurocom had those same issues with Activision in addition to the fact that it wasn't easy to "demake" the 360 assets to run on PS2.

So despite both of them working together, Eurocom ended up having some seemingly cut dialogue/locations from the 360 version while missing some from the next-gen versions.

And since development was kinda tight on both projects, there are levels/sections removed or different between the two versions simply due to them having to do their own thing to get the game ready in time due to the commuications issues.
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