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@kevindatsun thanks for the added info. So weird that the PS2 version has less content than the Wii version, despite them being so similar otherwise...Anniversary is a much larger game by comparison, so it's not as if Underworld was pushing the boundaries in size for PS2.

Originally Posted by BlueCake View Post
Another thing i noticed in my PS2 playtrough back in the day is that Lara's face is a lot closer to the HD version, while the Wii one is rounder, and resembles Anniversary Lara.
I do notice her cheekbones look a bit less pronounced on the Wii, but I wonder if it's just a difference in the lighting. The PS2 version seems to be a bit more contrasty. Which is sorely needed on the Wii. Everything looks dull and washed out, no matter how you tweak the brightness and contrast.

I always wondered why they didn't reuse the TRL/TRA head mesh instead of "demaking" the TRU one. Because like everything else in the game, Lara looks low res and ****ty. The TRL/TRA model was really good looking! It would have at least made the PS2 versions of all three games consistent in that regard. I can only guess that maybe it had to do with the facial animations and compatibility. Although if CD can rig the old AOD model to work with their current gen Lara (as seen in Rise), then I don't see how it couldn't be done on the TRA model.

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