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Originally Posted by IncultaWolf View Post
IIRC several years ago there was someone that had the ability to port the outfits over, but they wanted donations/money and ended up not going through with the process. It honestly doesn't matter much anymore. Xenia is progressing fairly well. So you'll be able to emulate all the content on PC in the future.
The only reason why is that then we can see doppelgangers unused animation like swimming or probably pole vaulting then if so if we got it outfits in then we can also mod them to look like on of are Xna Lara models you know possibilities I think where endless if they went through with it, also if outfits can get ported I would rather prefer that instead of levels and maybe Lara's shadow outfit but as just Lara but I feel even so I am asking for too much but I wish I could help but I someone can fill me in how this project has started and I could how to tools work I would love to investigate, also I think the ps3 and Xbox versions are almost the same builds and I think looking to see if you can maybe go from you know 360---> PS3---Pc

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