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Originally Posted by Gh0stBlade View Post
So basically a few months ago I revisited this project due to new findings in the TR engine. The finding in question was in regards to relocation data.

After attempting to swap two models the game has always crashed for some reason. The cause initially was the relocation table header but after fixing this issue the game loads further but crashes at the very start.

So the question is can we port the DLC costumes to PC?

Answer: Not at this point in time. Not unless someone figures out how to swap two models in the engine. Sadly the community isn't really into experimenting with file format manipulation and I don't have the time to figure out why the game is crashing when swapping a model.

So until someone figures out how to swap 2 models in the engine the answer is not possible yet.

Do have any resources you can possibly share privately if that's ok or have they been removed due to cancelation.
Also, I did some observations with the UWE SCU there are slots or empty at that like dlc_costume_x or lara_doppelganger it looks there are spots for the obj placement yet the game says when you try to load them they are missing.

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