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Valid to the AoD interpretation of her character, yes, but as an unpopular opinion, I think sheís out of character regardless. Laraís temperament was cool and calculated, she hardly ever resorted to biting comments - quite the contrary, one of her first lines was flirty. She could be impressionable, even if it was just to get what she wanted.

While I appreciate there are reasons for her personality change, some didnít make it into the game and the ones that are there donít make much sense. The plane crash when she barely started her career didnít transform her into a condescending, cynical person so I donít understand why a cave-in would, or why she wrongly accuses Von Croy of leaving her behind, or why his death even bothers her that much when she hardly liked him. I know there was supposed to be an element of the tribe that rescued her being slaughtered, but thatís just not in the game.

So, I disagree.
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