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Originally Posted by Girafarig32 View Post
Something Chronicles really hit home was showing Lara's relationships more dynamically. It wasn't just the butler making grunts or the villain stealing the artifact. You had Charles Kane who cared about Lara and assisted her in discovering the spear of destiny, Father Patrick who (although mediocre) played a role in protecting Lara, Winston who finally got a voice, Zip being hired to help Lara infiltrate VCI... You see these characters interact or talk about each other, and it felt more real. The game is also criticized for its plot format. I honestly enjoyed the short but sweet sections. Each felt complete and satisfying to me.
This is true. In a way it's a shame Chronicles came at a time of maximum audience and developer fatigue because it arguably showed Lara at her most developed socially.

Originally Posted by puristic jink View Post
What is it with TRF and Britney is it a requirement of signing up that you have to bee obessed with her or something?
Well, you're here so you answered your own question.

Show me another artist that has an album called 'oops I did it again' that I can use in the context of my post and I'd have used it. It was fitting and came to mind.It's got nothing to do with being 'obsessed'.
... in my opinion.

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